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With over 25 years of experience in the exterior restoration field, Bral Restoration has become a leader in quality craftsmanship, and has been able to stand out among the rest due to the dedication, knowledge, and quality of their craft. Not just anyone can go out and start fixing deteriorating buildings without the necessary qualifications. At Bral Restoration, we are constantly educating ourselves on the most recent  masonry restoration concepts as well as century old ways of restoring historical masonry. Our commitment to meet the challenges of our projects and our clients is what sets us apart and makes our company successful. 

Bral Restoration has completed projects in various locations ranging from Chicago to Milwaukee. We offer a diverse range of services such as brick repair, concrete repair, repointing, cleaning, facade inspection, water leak detection, lintel & shelf angle repair, waterproofing, caulking, terra cotta repair, parapet repair, fire  stopping and consulting. The main object that sets us apart is the ability to complete our projects without outsourcing the work. Not only does this allow us to work more timely, but more efficiently as well. It helps minimize delays and cost increases.

Since Bral Restoration has its own equipment and materials, this means we are able to respond to our clients needs faster. We are always able to meet the challenges of our clients and handle unexpected building  maintenance. We can set up swing stage scaffolding, sidewalk canopy and mobilize to your location in order to complete the work, regardless of how large or small the task may be. Given our wide range of capabilities we can work on commercial, historical and residential projects. 

The majority of our clients include Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Real Estate Developers, Condominiums, Apartment Owners, General Contractors and Homeowners.